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Miss Molly’s Inn – 2020 Year in Review

December 19, 2020 by Corey A. Edwards

Miss Mollys Inn 2020 year in review2020 has been a year of challenges for us all and yet, as the new owners of Miss Molly’s Inn, it has also been a very exciting year! We’ve had a wonderful time getting to know our Chincoteague visitors and helping them to relax and explore the island.

A vacation is always welcome but, after a year like 2020, a getaway can be just what the doctor ordered. A break in your routine with a fresh set of surroundings can be instrumental in dispelling those doldrums. This is especially true when the your vacation destination is as beautiful and welcoming as Chincoteague.

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A Covid-19 Update from Miss Molly’s Inn Bed and Breakfast

April 3, 2020 by Corey A. Edwards

At this time, a statewide Stay at Home order, issued by Governor Ralph Northam, is in effect. It will remain in place until June 10, 2020, unless amended or rescinded by a further executive order.

Only residents are allowed onto Chincoteague at the moment.

Consequently, Miss Molly’s Inn Bed and Breakfast is closed until June 11th. We will keep this post up to date as things change.

We urge everyone to take care of themselves and focus on hope and togetherness rather than fear and division. We are all in this together and that’s the best way we’ll get through it.

Be safe and we’ll see all of you soon!

From everyone at Miss Molly’s Inn Bed and Breakfast

Schedule for the 2014 Chincoteague Pony Swim

March 19, 2014 by Corey A. Edwards

Schedule for the 2014 Chincoteague Pony Swim

It may still seem like winter where you are but warmer weather is on the way and with it, the 2014 Chincoteague Pony Swim. If you hope to witness the 89th annual return of this wonderful, historical event, you’ll want to start planning now.

The 2014 Chincoteague Pony Swim schedule was announced earlier this year so we thought we’d put together a guide of the events

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Miss Molly’s 2014 Valentines Day Special

January 20, 2014 by Corey A. Edwards

Miss Molly's 2014 Valentines Day SpecialThis Valentine’s Day, why not surprise your loved one with a trip to the romantic, island community of Chiconteague and stay at Miss Molly’s Inn with Miss Molly’s 2014 Valentines Day Special!

What better way to enjoy each other than a couple of nights on romantic Chincoteague Island and nearby Assateague Island with its pristine beaches, communities of migrating birds, and of course, the wild ponies? Recline on one of five wonderful porches around the inn to savor the sea breezes over a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee. Stroll the beaches of Assateague Island, hand in hand with your love. Explore the spire of Assateague Lighthouse and the breathtaking view it commands. Walk the quiet streets of Chincoteague and enjoy her shops, galleries, and restaurants – or just stay in and enjoy basking in the presence of each other.

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Chincoteague Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

November 17, 2012 by insideout

Starting at 7 p.m. on December 1st, the Chincoteague Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade is adorable and family friendly. Make sure to arrive early in order to get a good seat. The parade will feature floats, marching bands, color guards and fire companies from around the shore. Expect plenty of people on horseback, including the saltwater cowboys. Saltwater cowboys spend some wet and wild hours at the end of each July herding the Chincoteague ponies from their year-round home on Assateague Island across a football-field-long stretch of water to Chincoteague Island for the annual Pony Penning and Auction. 
Of course old Saint Nick himself will be making a special visit to the parade. The awards ceremony and visits with Santa Clause take place at the Firehouse after the parade.

This is a treasured event by locals and we love participating every year. If you would like to visit our island this winter, won’t you consider our historic Chincoteague bed and breakfast for your stay?

Memory foam mattresses for extra comfort at our Chincoteague B&B

August 2, 2012 by

miss-mollys-roomsAt our Chincoteague Island inn, we do a lot of things to ensure your comfort. From the big things such as our concierge service, to small things like chocolates by your pillow, we do all we can to make sure your stay is pleasantly memorable. Newly added to this list are the memory foam mattresses we’ve put in some of our rooms.

Many people love memory foam mattresses. Out of all the styles of mattresses, memory foam rates higher on average for owner satisfaction. They’re especially good for people who need pain relief from pressure points because the foam conforms to the shape of the body. There are no springs poking at you and the foam fills along your sides so there are no unsupported spaces. Memory foam mattresses are also great for couples: when one person gets up at night, the movement doesn’t transfer across the foam. The person still sleeping doesn’t get jarred awake by the motions of their partner getting up and out of bed. In addition, memory foam mattresses last longer–about 10 to 15 years–compared to most quality traditional mattresses which have a lifespan of eight to ten years.

Currently, the following rooms have memory foam mattresses: Marguerite Henry and The Yellow Room. In addition to having a comfortable memory foam king bed, the Marguerite Henry has a spacious sitting area and full private bath. The Yellow Room also features a king bed and a wonderful bright decor. If you’re a memory foam fan, be sure to book either of these two rooms! Also, we intend to keep adding these popular mattresses gradually as the mattresses in our other rooms eventually wear out.

If you have any thoughts about the addition of memory foam mattresses, please do let us know. We always love to hear from you as we continually work to give every guest at our Assateague area inn the finest hospitality.

Enjoy the Roses of our Chincoteague Inn English Garden

July 16, 2012 by

Miss Molly's English Garden

Our Chincoteague inn features a delightful English Garden with many types of scented heirloom roses.

One of the things guests love about our inn near Assateague is the abundance of flowers in our English Garden. At this time of year especially, the hollyhocks are putting on a wonderful show of yellow, pink, purple and red. Trumpet vines are singing with flowers and the clematis are overflowing their trellises. Most showy of all are our roses. We have a tremendous variety of them including Floribunda, also known as “rambling roses,” which cluster and climb thickly in glorious shades of pink. We love our old fashioned roses such as Centifolia and Moss Roses in fuscias and reds. These types of heirloom roses are less hybridized than many of the newer varieties of roses. As a result, they tend to be more disease resistant and are generally less fussy to maintain. It makes it that much easier to create a lush garden bursting with flowers!

Not only are they lovely to look at, but these heirlooms are also treasured for their wonderful scent. When our guests walk along our garden paths, both the smells and sights are truly a delight. Most of our varieties do have thorns, but they’re not at all like the aggressively thorny Rugosas. Our heirloom roses are much more friendly than that! If you carefully put your face close to the flowers, you can inhale deeply and enjoy our roses’ aromatic charms. The best time of day is late afternoon or early evening on a warm day (plenty of those lately!) By then, the scent will be intoxicating. If you’re curious about these sorts of things, try getting up early, have a whiff of the roses (and then indulge in your delicious two-course Miss Molly’s inn breakfast.) Later, after you’ve had your true Engligh tea of home-baked goods, fresh strawberries & cream and other refreshments, go back out to the garden again. If you smell the roses, you’ll notice that the later afternoon/early evening scent is much stronger! But don’t wait too long…cool temperatures inhibit the smell.

Whether you’re staying at our Chincoteague B&B or you’re going about your daily business, we hope you take some time to go out and smell the roses.

What Makes Our Chincoteague B and B Special

March 9, 2012 by insideout

We travel for many reasons. We travel for work and to visit far-flung relations. We travel to see new places and have different experiences. We travel to broaden our minds.

Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast has bikes for guests.

Ride our bikes out to the beach.

Travel can do all of these things. It can also challenge our assumptions and our comfort levels. This is especially true when we travel to extremely remote places, where the luxury of hot water isn’t guaranteed and where roads sometimes peter out into paths. In such instances, travel becomes adventure, and the only thing we can expect is the unexpected.

Adventures are wonderful, and we hope everyone has at least one good adventure in a lifetime.

Yet most of the time, what most of us want when we travel is to be pampered.

One reason travelers choose to stay in our Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast is because we pamper them. We do everything we can to help your stay with us be relaxing and refreshing. From the moment you enter our door, you are our guest. We take that seriously.

Your room is your castle, but the rest of the inn is open to you, as well. Our library has an extensive collection of books for you to read during your stay, and we have many fun board games. There are two fireplaces in common areas, so on chilly evenings, you will always find warmth. A guest refrigerator is kept well stocked with cold beverages, and tea, coffee, and filtered water is always available. We also keep some tasty treats around for when you get the nibbles.

Organizing expeditions can be one of the most exasperating aspects of travel. You know you want to have a scenic boat tour around Chincoteague and Assateague Islands, so you can see the wild ponies, but you don’t quite know where to go for that. Our Concierge Service will happily make the arrangements for you. We’ll also book fishing tours, nature tours, jet skis, canoes and kayaks, and parasailing adventures. When hunger strikes, we’ll recommend restaurants and make the reservations.

It’s easier to pack for vacation if you don’t have to include beach umbrellas, chairs, boogie boards, frisbees, and buckets. With that thought in mind, we supply beach gear for our guests. We even have bikes you can use, so you can pedal around the islands at your leisure.

We want guests of Miss Molly’s Chincoteague Island Bed and Breakfast to have maximum comfort with the minimum worry. That’s what hospitality is all about.

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

December 9, 2011 by insideout

Piping plover at Chincoteague National Wildlife (VA)

A Piping Plover at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is one the most unique environments on the East Coast. Laying claim to the southern tip of Assateague Island, it encompasses more than 14,000 acres of varied terrain: beach, sand dunes, maritime forest, and both freshwater and saltwater marshes. It is also just minutes from our Chincoteague Bed and Breakfast.

Guests of Miss Molly’s Assateague Island Bed and Breakfast are welcome to use the inn’s bikes to explore Chincoteage National Wildlife Refuge, which is three miles away. Once at Chincoteague, bikers have several options. The Wildlife Loop circles 3 1/4 miles around an area with moist soils and abundant wildlife. Two trails branch off from the Wildlife Loop: Swan Cover Trail leads to the beach; Black Duck Trail leads to the Woodland Trail. The Woodland Trail itself meanders through the beautiful pine forest; and lucky hikers and bikers sometimes catch a glimpse of the Assateague Wild Ponies from the trail’s overlook.

In addition to the trails that are open to bikes, the refuge has a few pedestrian only trails. 7.5 miles of service roads are open to walkers, as is the Marsh Trail and the Lighthouse Trail. Assateague Lighthouse is open daily from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; the view from the top is spectacular.

Spring is a glorious time to visit the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Chincoteague is a paradise for bird-watchers during spring and fall migration periods. Barn Swallows show up each spring, along with Laughing Gulls, Eastern Kingbirds, and Semipalmated Plovers and Sand Pipers. Bring your binoculars, or ask to borrow a pair at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

Miss Molly’s Chincotague Island Bed and Breakfast opens for the season on February 10, 2012. Be among the first of our guests next year. Ask about our Spring Special when booking your rooms: three nights for the price of two, four nights for the price of three, and so on.


The Ultimate Book Club Experience

September 23, 2011 by insideout

Day 106 - I am a librarian

Celebrate your love of literature and your friends with a Book Club Getaway at our Chincoteague Bed and Breakfast.

Books Clubs are all the rage these days, and with good reason. It’s fun to read, it’s fun to talk about what we’ve read, and it’s fun to get together with a group of friends. Why not go a step further? Instead of meeting to discuss a book for an hour or two, make a weekend out of it. Host your next Book Club at our Chincoteague Bed and Breakfast.

Avid readers will recognize Chincoteague from Marguerite Henry’s book, Misty of Chincoteague. The wild ponies she refers to in her book still inhabit Assateague Island, which is close to our Chincoteague Bed and Breakfast. Indeed, Marguerite Henry stayed here back in the 1940s while researching the area for her book. Two members of your Book Club could stay in her room.

Misty of Chincoteague is a book for children, and a quick read. Read it before you come with your book group, then enjoy an excursion to see the wild ponies of Assateague Island. Our innkeeper will happily make the arrangements for you.

A Book Club getaway is a great way to get to know your fellow readers. Most book groups stay on topic for some of their meetings, but can’t resist talking about other topics because everyone is so interesting. This is your chance to talk to your hearts’ content. Stay up late, linger over breakfast, go for long bike rides and walks on the beach, relax by a warm fire…. Celebrate your love of literature in a beautiful setting.

Our Book Club Special includes 2 nights at our Chincoteague Virginia Bed and Breakfast, gourmet breakfasts, and access to bikes and beach chairs. We’ll serve you Afternoon Tea one day, a tasty supper one evening, and ply you with snacks day and night. $495/couple. Please call 1.800.221.5620 for more details.