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A Tour of the Roses

June 8, 2011 by Renata Deris

Front Porch Beauty

As the tourist season kicks in, our roses have put on a performance that even Shakespeare would be proud of. With vibrant colors and dramatic quantities the view at our inn was breathtaking. I’m pretty sure they inspired the Catbird that sings every morning to sing a little louder (maybe in competition). The bees buzzed, and the morning dew all helped to create a symphony that can not be given justice by my few pictures, but I will attempt to give you a small taste of the glory in my tour.

As you approach the Inn you are greeted with an image of what looks like the Inn floating on a cloud of delicate pink roses. The illusion is created by thousands of blooms on the bushes planted at the base of the porch.
Once you stroll down the driveway you are flanked by brilliant pink roses on one side and my painter’s rose accented by blue russian sage on the other.

Just inside the property is a rose that screams “look at me!” while it bends gracefully under the weight of it’s blooms into the driveway from the picket fence.

This rose has the subtle color of a bride’s blush but is so large and has more layers than a bride’s petticoat that you simply can’t walk past without bending to take a closer look.
As you look up to continue, you see that you are surrounded on 3 sides by walls of peach roses.

Keep walking around the other side of the picket fence and you are face to face with a deep burgundy rose with it’s yellow center climbing up the archway.
Once inside the garden you are greeted by a surprise, the only yellow flower that’s been planted in our garden.

An array of stunning Chincoteague roses growing at Miss Molly’s Inn.

New Ducklings

May 5, 2011 by Renata Deris

Spring may feel a little late to some of us this year, but as of this morning, I know it’s here now! The mother duck who had been very patiently sitting on her nest in the shelter of a shrub next to the front steps

Our Proud Mama paraded her new Ducklings through the garden this morning.

has finally been rewarded! As I stepped into the sunshine this morning I was greeted very loudly by Mrs. Duck and her 12 ducklings as she marched them through the garden. She has gallently protected them all day from the lazy cat and myself (niether of us are a real threat, but she wasn’t taking any chances). I feel there must be something I can learn from this duck – her patience and hard work paid off!

Here’s to spring & fluffy little peepers!

New Website & Blog for Miss Molly’s Inn

April 23, 2010 by Lin Mazza

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Miss Molly’s Inn website and blog at The website was designed by InsideOut Solutions to enable Miss Molly’s Inn to better present our bed and breakfast inn and the greater Chincoteague Island and Assateague Island area. Thank you for stopping by; we hope you enjoy your time here and return often to keep up with everything happening at Miss Molly’s Inn and our area along the Virginia Eastern Shore!

Chincoteague and Assateague Islands, Virginia

April 6, 2010 by Lin Mazza

No matter what time of the year you come to Chincoteague island there is always lots to do! For example, if you like the water you can go kayaking, sailing, surfing or hire motor boats. Captains can plan a wonderfully informative or romantic cruise. While staying at our Chincoteague bed and breakfast, take advatnage of the fishing here, off the dock, on the inland waterways or in deep sea, your choice.

We have bikes ,or you can bring your own, Chincoteague and Assateague are great for biking. There is hiking and
sight seeing, photography and world class bird watching. Assateague has a glorious unspoiled beach and the most wonderful wild life reserve. Near to our Assateague bed and breakfast we have diverse shopping and restaurants. You will find plenty of quiet spots to curl up with a your favorite novel. All through the year Chincoteague plays host to festivals and attractions. Our Island is unspoiled and perfect for families, lovers and people that need a little peace and serenity. Learn a little more about Assateague Island on our Virginia Bed and Breakfast Inn site. And remember you are already participating in literary history by staying at the same Assateague bed and breakfast where Marguerite Henry wrote ‘Misty of Chincoteague’.

Assateague is a national treasure, one of very few places still unspoiled along the East coast. It feeds the soul with breathtaking beauty any season of the year, and has something to please every person visiting. The beach is perfect, and when you stay at our Virginia Bed and Breakfast we have everything you need for your day in the sun. The wild life reserve is home to many different birds, to deer and smaller animals and of course to the famous Chincoteague ponies. Walk to the top of our famous lighthouse, gaze out at the lovely view. Cycle or walk the peaceful trails; Take a bus tour or stop off at the wonderful Bateman visitor center. Assateague truly has something for everyone.