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2021 Chincoteague Farmers Market and Artisans Market

May 22, 2021 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Farmers Market 2021One of the surest signs of summer is right around the corner: The Chincoteague Farmers Market is scheduled to return May 29th, 2021!

If you like farmers and art markets, just wait until you visit the Chincoteague Farmers Market. Fresh local produce, quality arts and crafts, vintage items, food trucks, live entertainment, and more!

There’s nothing quite like a farmers market for getting to know a community. A good farmers market is more than just produce sales, it’s also a reflection of a community’s spirit. That’s certainly the case here on Chincoteague.

The Chincoteague Farmers and Artisans Market brings a diverse group of people together to sell a variety of goods that they produced and stand behind with pride. The market has a festive air, with laughter, conversation, delicious smells, and live music.

Fans of the Farm To Table movement will find plenty to love, with a wonderful selection of locally grown goods for sale every week. Offerings run the gamut from produce and meats to baked goods and other prepared items. You’ll find fresh seafood, honey, eggs, cheeses, jams, jellies, and more.
The market is also an excellent source for seedlings, starts, flowers, and other plants for garden or home.

Not Your Average Farmers Market

artisans goods at the Chincoteague Farmers MarketChincoteague’s farmers market offers much more than just plants and foodstuffs. You’ll also find a robust collection of arts and crafts. In fact, the market’s full name is The Chincoteague Farmers and Artisans Market.

Chincoteague has a healthy art scene and a long arts and crafts history. This is reflected in the array of offerings at the Chincoteague Artisans Market. Here you’ll find regionally handcrafted items of beauty and utility. Jewelry, apparel, woodcarvings, soaps, hangings, and other fine arts and crafts.

You’ll also find attic treasures at the Artisans Market. Vintage, rare, and gently used items looking for a new home. A great opportunity to find that one of a kind item you didn’t even know you wanted.

Best of all, many of the artisans continue to create at the market, giving you a unique insight into their processes.

The Chincoteague Farmers Market includes live entertainment, food trucks, and a friendly, festival atmosphere. You’ve never had this much fun shopping before!

Chincoteague Farmers Market

Chincoteague Farmers Market produceThe Chincoteague Island Farmers and Artisans Market is located at 6309 Church Street, just a five minute walk from our Chincoteague bed and breakfast, Miss Molly’s Inn.

This year’s opening day is Saturday, May 29th, 2021. The 2021 market schedule is: Saturdays, May 29th through October 30th, and Wednesdays, June 9th through September 29th. Hours are 9am to 1pm, with live music from 10am to 12pm.

Learn more by visiting the farmers market website. You can also visit the market on Facebook.

Don’t Miss the Fall 2019 Chincoteague Pony Roundup!

September 15, 2019 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Pony Roundup Fall 2019See the famous wild horses of Chincoteague up close during their annual Fall Chincoteague Pony Roundup. The Autumn 2019 Roundup is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, October 18th and 19th.

If you thought the annual Pony Swim was the only time you could come see the wild horses of Assateague, think again!

In fact, there are three opportunities each year to see the wild ponies. There’s the Pony Swim (of course) but also the spring and fall roundups. While the purpose of the annual swim is for a health check and an auction of foals, these other roundups provide overall health checks for the herd. The Spring session also includes releasing foals from pony auction buybacks back into the herd.

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Chincoteague Decoy Show 2019 – Waterfowl Carvings and Wildlife Art

August 5, 2019 by Corey A. Edwards

Chincoteague Decoy Show 2019The annual Chincoteague Decoy Show features hand carved wooden decoys and other fine wildlife art from local and regional artists, along with a selection of antiques. This year’s special guest is Joe Engers, from Decoy Magazine. Labor Day Weekend, August 31st to September 1st, 2019 at the Chincoteague Center.

The Chincoteague Decoy Carvers and Artists Show has been an annual event for so long its now an island tradition. In fact, decoy carving is such a part of the island that there’s an Easter Decoy Show show in April, too.

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