As the winter weather is starting to dissipate, we begin to look forward to the heat of the summer again. That lovely feeling of a cool ocean breeze on your face in the hot sun and digging your toes into warm sand on the beach – oh! We can’t wait for the summer days to return!

We think one of the best ways to spend a warm day in Chincoteague is by participating in some water sports. And we have a bunch of great water activities here on the island! Here are some of our favorite:

  • Kayaking:Explore the warm back bay waters (water temps: 70 to 90 degrees) of Assateague Island while kayaking into calm creeks, coves and a vast array of pristine inland waterways where the Chinctoeague ponies make their home. Kayak guides can take you into areas for wildlife viewing. See the famous Assateague Lighthouse and land at a beach on Assateague where the wild horses roam.

    The Assateague lighthouse

    The Assateague lighthouse

  • Sailing: Have a unique experience, whether you are a total sailing novice or an expert! Most sailing charters let everyone become part of the crew, should they choose. Or just relax and be the ‘lookout.’ View the beauty of Chincoteague and Assateague from a different perspective. Often times sailing charters see dolphin, sea turtles and waterfowl.
  • Parasailing: Another great way to see the island from a unique perspective, this fun and exhilarating ride is sure to please young or old patrons!
  • Jet Skiing: If you have a penchant for speed, try a jet ski! Enjoy stunning views of the island from the water. Most rental agencies also offer lessons and guided tours.
  • Surfing: Assateague Island offers a pristine beach with fun waves. The surf breaks on Assateague Island are mostly sand bars. The surf improves significantly when there is any type of weather disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean, generating a swell. On really good swells local surfers will sometimes venture by boat to some good breaks on the nearby barrier islands.

Whatever your pleasure, we hope you will stay at our Chincoteague bed and breakfast during your visit!