The Halloween Happening – this all-hallows eve, Chincoteague Island Theatre Company gives you a chance to tune into the past with two ghoulishly good, olde-time radio plays: “The Canterville Ghost” and “The Vampire’s Desire.”

The Halloween Happening - Chincoteague Island Theatre Company

Rather than traditional stage plays, these two programs will be presented and recorded as radio shows: performed before the microphone by the actors with both pre-recorded and live Foley effects to enhance the action.

And what are Foley effects? A Foley artist is a person who provides the sound effects for both film and audio productions – things such as footsteps, glass breaking, gunshots, etc. In the days of radio dramas, the Foley artist could often be seen by the studio audience, if there was one, off to the side or there in the back with a table full of various objects designed to create the sounds needed to enhance the reality of the unfolding, vocalized drama.

“The Canterville Ghost,”of course, is a play adapted from the classic Oscar Wilde ghost story of the same name and is filled with both frights and laughs as only Oscar Wilde could pen them. Adapted for radio by Walton Butterfield for use in the seminal radio series, Terror by Night, this version of “The Canterville Ghost” originally aired on the CBS radio network on May 24, 1936.

“The Vampire’s Desire” is an original show from the classic radio program: The Hermit’s Cave of WJR – Detroit, Radio. Aired in the mid-1930’s, the tale relates the fate of two men lost in a downpour who attempt to take shelter in an old, apparently abandoned house and proceed to scare themselves silly.

Don’t miss it!

The Halloween Happening

Chincoteague Island Theatre Company
Friday, October 25 at 8pm
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