Miss Molly's Inn Chincoteague Bed and Breakfast

This summer, we received a wonderful and detailed review of our Chincoteague B&B from a recent guest. Not only do their kind words have us blushing with pride, they also do a wonderful job of describing The Miss Molly’s Inn experience. We pass it along here in the hopes that it will give you some idea of what to expect while staying at our Chincoteague B&B.

“Good Golly, Miss Molly!”

We had a wonderful time at Miss Molly’s Inn B&B last week, despite the heat wave, etc., that engulfed the entire mid-Atlantic for most of our week. The Inn is everything they say, and more. Beautiful, comfortable, well-appointed and historic. It felt like a true privilege and honor to stay in the same room as the late Marguerite Henry, the lady who wrote “Misty of Chincoteague.” Of course, copies of the book are provided, and so I was able to read the book for the first time in the very room where it was written. This was an important book in my wife’s childhood, which is why we came to the Island (twice now, once before to see the pony swim).

The common rooms, including the parlor, foyer and dining room are also beautifully furnished and decorated with period pieces, including several of Miss Molly’s own collection of books, some nearly a century old! We had a relaxing week in Chincoteague, so I had a chance to read through some of those as well.

Amazing Breakfasts and English High Tea

The Innkeeper, Julie, is a true professional and an incredible chef, who is genuine, open, warm and friendly and gives great attention to even the smallest details. We all felt extremely well cared-for by her and also by the owners, Dave & Renata, during our entire visit. The breakfasts were amazing and Julie also prepared a proper English “High Tea” for us one day, which I HIGHLY recommend!

English High Tea
English High Tea at Miss Molly’s Inn

Not only was the food amazingly good, it was also presented in a truly beautiful way, with artful arrangements on the plates including fun details like flowers held in place with fresh whipped cream! I can’t remember that I have never taken so many photos of food anywhere else–but each of Julie & Dave’s creations was so beautiful I felt it needed to be preserved somehow before I ate it!

Julie has worked there many years, including for the prior owner, and she is truly the “glue” that holds everything together. She is a very special person and we all felt very attached to her by the end of the week!

Dave, the owner, greeted us on arrival and helped with the bags as he gave us the tour and orientation. He is genuinely warm, welcoming, friendly and low-key and we all felt as if we had made a new friend! Dave was often in the Kitchen, baking cookies for the guests and making sure that every need was taken care of. He also helped Julie serve breakfast pretty much every day.

A NASA Connection

If you didn’t ask him about it, you would never know that for his day-job Dave is a high-powered NASA engineer in charge of keeping the Hubble Space Telescope pointed in the right direction! Even though he spent most of his time working remotely on the Hubble, he always seemed to be there whenever anyone needed him!

Our adult daughter is an astrophysicist and her husband is an aerospace engineer himself, so they had a lot to talk to Dave about during our stay. They both had to work a good deal of the time we were there, and Dave set them up on the beautiful back gazebo porch, and he made them both extremely comfortable. He supplied them with all needed electronic cables, WiFi, fresh fruit, cookies and other snacks, various forms of liquid refreshment and plenty of cheerful encouragement.

Renata and Dave Murphy
Renata and Dave Murphy

When the weather got too hot, Dave moved their operations to the parlor, where they continued to work blissfully all day in the delightful air conditioning that he and Renata had installed at Miss Molly’s. I was able to learn more about Dave’s amazing work at NASA by looking him up on the NASA website. Dave also has a terrific book about the Hubble with tons of pictures in the parlor. I read it during the week and it was amazing. I highly recommend checking it out if you have a little time to kill.

The Miss Molly’s Inn Experience

Dave’s wife, Renata, has been coming to Chincoteague since she was seven, and she explained that the island has been a second home for her children growing up as well. She was apparently the driving force for the couple deciding to acquire Miss Molly’s and save it from an uncertain future, and she is the one largely responsible for the wonderful decorative aesthetic of the inn.

Dave and Renata have become very well respected and appreciated in the small community, and their names are frequently mentioned, including by tour guides and others. Renata was often present during the day to answer our questions, tell us fascinating historical anecdotes about the place, as well as give us guidance and advice when we were uncertain about how to spend our time in town. She possesses a wealth of knowledge about Chincoteague and she has made sure that Miss Molly’s maintains its historical place in the community.

It was also really fun – and is a big part of the Chincoteague B&B experience for us – to get to talk with the other guests during breakfast and get to know our fellow travelers. Miss Molly’s attracts some very interesting and fun people, and our breakfast conversations with the other guests each day were lively and entertaining. Dave is especially great at getting a fun conversation started.

An Excellent Value Chincoteague B&B

Assateague beach

Miss Molly’s Chincoteague B&B is an excellent value, well worth the price and a bargain compared to other B&B’s at its level. I took a lot of photos, but am just uploading a few here, since prior guests have already shared many terrific images making mine redundant.

We definitely plan to return to Miss Molly’s, perhaps next time in the Fall/Spring months when it is not quite so hot and muggy on the island. Chincoteague is also known for its mosquitoes in the Summertime, and we got our share of bites during the week. HINT: Avoid the woodland/bivalve hiking trail on Assateague Island in the Summer. The heat did make it more fun to be at the beach, however, and the cooling breezes in the mornings and evenings were really pleasant.