Front Porch Beauty

As the tourist season kicks in, our roses have put on a performance that even Shakespeare would be proud of. With vibrant colors and dramatic quantities the view at our inn was breathtaking. I’m pretty sure they inspired the Catbird that sings every morning to sing a little louder (maybe in competition). The bees buzzed, and the morning dew all helped to create a symphony that can not be given justice by my few pictures, but I will attempt to give you a small taste of the glory in my tour.

As you approach the Inn you are greeted with an image of what looks like the Inn floating on a cloud of delicate pink roses. The illusion is created by thousands of blooms on the bushes planted at the base of the porch.
Once you stroll down the driveway you are flanked by brilliant pink roses on one side and my painter’s rose accented by blue russian sage on the other.

Just inside the property is a rose that screams “look at me!” while it bends gracefully under the weight of it’s blooms into the driveway from the picket fence.

This rose has the subtle color of a bride’s blush but is so large and has more layers than a bride’s petticoat that you simply can’t walk past without bending to take a closer look.
As you look up to continue, you see that you are surrounded on 3 sides by walls of peach roses.

Keep walking around the other side of the picket fence and you are face to face with a deep burgundy rose with it’s yellow center climbing up the archway.
Once inside the garden you are greeted by a surprise, the only yellow flower that’s been planted in our garden.

An array of stunning Chincoteague roses growing at Miss Molly’s Inn.